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in Amman, Jordan
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"I speak English, Spanish, Greek and enough Arabic and Inca to get around, but Music is The Ultimate Language!" -- Cameron


Cameron and Kristina
Singing Iraqi Love Songs
for Peace in Baghdad


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Secret Dimensions of Ancient Music

Cameron Powers, just back from another concert tour through the Indigenous Middle East with Kristina Sophia, has spent the last 35 years mastering ancient musical performance techniques. Songs which may be a thousand years old are included in his repertoire. The ancient scales preserved in this music have flexibilities which allow the performance of "justly intonated" or perfectly-tuned music, something which was lost in Western music with the advent of equal temperament.
Although Cameron primarily performs on the indigenous Middle-Eastern lute, or "Oud," the good news is that modern keyboards with new computer-loaded software can now be tuned perfectly according to these laws of physics which were known to the ancient musical masters. Traditions which have been preserved in Egypt, India, Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent can give modern musicians soothing musical intervals capable of inducing deep ecstasy and relaxation. True worship the divine feminine-masculine-universal god-scape is again possible for the modern musician who regains control of the entire range of the harmonic intervals which underlie ancient styles all the way from overtone-rich Mongolia and Tibet to the enchantment of the river Nile.
Cameron Powers has now written two "how-to books" for musicians which teach dozens of ancient scales. Having made numerous trips to study and perform in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon, Cameron suggests: "The emotional repertoire in these ancient lands is incredibly deep. My Egyptian friends enjoy an amazingly rich fabric of emotional realities and they have the music to go along with all of it!"
Truly harmonious music, seldom heard in the Western world today, does not even require the musician to invest his own personal emotional enthusiasm. The music alone creates a magnetic attraction and a healing energy field. The possibility for "egoless" music then arises. Modern physicists call the intervals between these perfectly tuned notes "just intonation" because the wavelengths of acoustic sound they produce fit together absolutely perfectly.

Cameron and Kristina are world musicians who perform love songs from all around the globe. They bring you music from Egypt, Greece, Peru, Iraq, Mexico, Iran, Syria and other countries.
A musician with a background in linguistics, Cameron sings in eleven languages and is the author of three books. He has devoted his life to the concept that "We Are All One!"
Cameron and Kristina have done more than 300 musical and cultural presentations across the USA and in many other countries. They have performed before an audience of 60,000 at the Cairo Stadium in Egypt as part of a fundraiser for a new Children's Cancer Hospital there. Cameron and Kristina have been interviewed on numerous radio and TV outlets. The latest "Lonely Planet Guide to the Middle East" devotes nearly an entire page to descriptions of their musical peace work.
The 501c3 non-profit organization which was gifted to them has supported American Musical Ambassadors to Iraq, Iran, and Iraqi Kurdistan and has also provided support for preserving indigenous Iraqi musical culture among Iraqi refugees currently exiled in Syria. Cameron and Kristina crossed the desert from Jordan in the spring of 2003 to sing Iraqi love songs on the streets of Baghdad while the city was in flames so Iraqis could see that many Westerners were not aligned with military conquest.

Veterans of Unity Church performances in Colorado, California, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Oregon, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, Cameron and Kristina are on the road again to bring you fresh tastes of love songs from ancient sacred music traditions. Cameron and Kristina are also both involved with developing Sound Healing work.

They are mobile in their veggie-oil diesel van and travel trailer and available to perform presentations and music as part of your Unity services in many parts of the USA.
Please contact them and arrange for a visit."

"World musicians who perform on exotic ancient instruments from the Middle East, Cameron and Kristina are living and breathing examples of what a world devoted to peace and love actually looks, feels and sounds like!"

"... one of the most wonderful experiences that many of us have ever had--to see what living as love can create..."

"People are RAVING about your program..."

"...the most enthusiastically ever received program at our church... ...delighted, informed, and spiritually uplifted."

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