Musical Missions of Peace champions a non-violent way to peace worldwide through the power of music. We believe:

1) People who have learned and sung each others' popular love songs together are less likely to war with one another than those who have not.
2) Music fosters sincere, heart-to-heart communication which goes beyond treaties or political agreements.
3) Musicians make ideal international diplomats and ambassadors because they know how to work together in unifying and intuitive ways.
4) International cross-cultural sharing of popular songs easily dissolves fear-based perceptions.
5) Musical sharing promotes a healthy spiritual life, replaces materialistic orientations and is available to all, including children.
6) Musical proficiency opens the door to creating deep and trustworthy friendships across language and cultural boundaries and can heal the wounds of war.

Musical Missions of Peace is a Non-Profit Colorado Corporation exempt from federal income taxation as described under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

The Federal Employer ID Number is: 26-0070648

Musical Missions of Peace does not discriminate in any way shape or form based on race, sex, color of skin, eyes, hair, or cultural background.

Board Members
President: Pete Jacobs
Vice President: David Hinojosa
Secretary Treasurer: Bonnie Carol

President Pete Jacobs Biography:

Peter C. Jacobs, P.E is founder and President of BuildingMetrics Incorporated (BMI), an energy engineering firm located in Boulder, Colorado specializing in building energy analysis and metering and monitoring services.  BMI was formed to provide expert energy engineering and contract research and development services to utilities, state agencies and industry.  Founded in 2005 by Peter C. Jacobs, P.E., BMI specializes in engineering analysis, building energy simulation modeling, and measurement and verification (M&V) of energy efficiency programs and projects.  Current clients include the California Public Utility Commission, the New York State Department of Public Service and Duke Energy. 
When not doing engineering, Pete is an avid student and player of all types of music.  Pete started playing the bass in junior high school in New Jersey and played rock and jazz gigs in the Denver area throughout the 1980s and 1990s.  He was introduced to Middle Eastern music in the 1990s and started playing bass in the Saltanah Ensemble; performing in the Denver and Boulder area.  He picked up the oud in 2003 and started attending the Mendocino Middle East Music and Dance Camp, where he studied under many great musicians.  He currently plays oud and bass with the Denver-based Zuruna Middle Eastern music ensemble.  Besides playing with Zuruna, Pete has also performed with the Cameron Powers Project, Rachid Halihal, the Zevk Ensemble, Meg York and Jon Seligman.  Pete especially loves the opportunity to make new personal and cultural connections through the gateway of music!

Vide-President David Hinojosa Biography:

David is a professional musician, dancer, entrepreneur and a social and environmental justice advocate. His life is devoted to reducing the suffering of other beings, the earth and the environment by using music as a tool for change.

His background in percussion begins during the ages of 13-18 years old where he studied world percussion, symphony orchestra and marching percussion. David played the snare drum as a member of The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps. traveling and competing around the USA.

After receiving his Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2010, David was immersed in the world of non-profits working as a community organizer, advocate and leader in the fields of violence prevention, immigrant integration, and broader social justice initiatives. Recognized for this work, David has received the following awards: Boulder County’s 2011 CAP Multicultural Award in the field of health; Serving Communities Award, Van Ek Award and the Provost Achievement Award from the University of Colorado.

David came back to music at the age of 24 by entering into the world of Middle Eastern Percussion. David studied Darbuka with master percussionists from Egypt, Syria and Turkey. Finding his one true teacher and guru in the mountains of Turkey, David made a deep connection to music and Darbuka through Misirli Ahmet. Words cannot begin to describe the magic, mystique and master of Misirli Ahmet, I honor his legacy and spirit to the depth of my heart.

Guided by the highest principles of compassion, love and light, David is devoted to making music his life’s work.  Using the drum and music as a tool for change, healing, raising vibrations and surpassing barriers of dis-connection.