Peoples Musical Ambassador Projects

U.S. citizens learn and perform indigenous international music styles by becoming “Peoples Musical Ambassadors”:

Peoples Musical Ambassador Program:

1- Interested musicians in the US begin the study of both the indigenous music and the language of their chosen Host country. Preference is generally given to prospective Peoples Musical Ambassadors who have selected Host countries which receive unfavorable press coverage in the Western media. This is a sign that more intensive people-to-people bridge-building is needed.

2- They travel to their Host country to perform these indigenous musical styles with musicians in the Host country. They deepen their knowledge of the indigenous wisdom carried by the music and language they are learning. They bond in friendship with their friends and teachers in the Host country.

3- The sponsored musicians then carry the indigenous music and culture of the Host country back home by conducting concerts and presentations in their Home Country, sharing what they have learned and experienced.

Cross-cultural workshops devoted to indigenous musical and cultural studies may be located anywhere on planet earth.

Current Projects:

Arab World -- Cameron and Kristina

Iraq -- Cameron and Kristina

Kurdistan and El Cajon -- Christine Stevens

Kurdistan and El Cajon -- Dilkhwaz Ahmad

Iran -- Rowan Storm

Mexico -- Zia Parker

Indonesia -- Dr. Craig Woodson