Reviews of Cameron and Kristina's Presentations

Hello my friends,

My name is Harold Cartlidge. I am writing to recommend that you contact Cameron Powers and arrange to have a concert/event at your church. His performance was the most enthusiastically ever received at our Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura.

Cameron is a true American hero and an International Ambassador of Peace. He and his wife Kristina have been performing on the streets of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, The West Bank, and Egypt, singing and playing popular Middle Eastern music. They were performing on the streets of Baghdad nine days after we invaded Iraq. While rubble filled the streets, and buildings were still crumbling, ordinary Iraqis were singing and dancing with Cameron and Kristina.

While their connection is with ordinary people and beyond politics, they have also performed at such high profile locations as the Cairo Stadium in Egypt where they played for over 60,000 people.

They have opened music schools at Iraqi refugee camps in Jordan and Syria, and are now training American musicians to travel to middle eastern countries as musical ambassadors of peace.

You will be delighted, informed, and spiritually uplifted.

In Rhythm with Love,  Harold  


Dear Cameron & Kristina,
Thank you for your loving greeting. The board met last evening and I want to share the comments of those who attended the "Singing in Baghdad."
It was said that this was one of the most wonderful experiences that many of us have ever had--to see what living as love can create.
It was said that you greatly undersold yourselves; that you should be marketing yourselves in a much greater way as who you are and how you are interacting in the world is the EXAMPLE we all need.
The music and singing were exceptional in quality and uniqueness, as was the information you each shared. The variety of experiences you have given yourselves in your life is magnificent and courageous.
Each of you were such dynamic and warm individuals, it was a joy to be in your presence.
I know you each and your mission will be richly blessed as you are divinity in action. Let us know when you will be in the area again. A big soft hug to each of you.
Love, Nancy & Bill Waldron


Cameron and Kristina:
People are RAVING about your program. Thank you SO MUCH for coming and bringing such a wonderful perspective on our world.All of our best wises and joys and hopes for the future go with you as you continue your mission and ministry!
Sue Robbins, Chair, Sunday Celebrations, High Country UU Fellowship
Dear Cameron and Kristina,

It was so cool to hear you play! I cried, it was so transportive.
Hope to see you again soon in the Placerville area, you brought joy to at least one lonely soul (mine).

"Cameron and Kristina created a bridge of love between our spiritual community and the native Arab culture of the Middle East, a culture which so many people don't really understand." 
Rev. Robin A. Davidson, Mountainside Center for Spiritual Living, Placerville, California.
Thank you (and Cameron) for the wonderful presentation, and also for speaking with me afterwards. I was reluctant to go, because it seems that so many events which have to do with peace, also involve sharp criticsm and disrespectful comments about the President and the United States. I remember a local event recenly where one of the announcers called President Bush a "murderer of children," as well as other less-than-flattering names.
Attitudes like this do not build bridges and alienate people like me who have voted for and intend to vote for President Bush (for a lot of good reasons). But I was happy that you did not make your presentation overtly political. Also, I was happy that you did not present yourselves as having all the answers. What you did do though, was beautifully demonstrate the way you found to establish common ground with another culture. Your presentation helped me to see that these people are not all hateful religious fantatics. They are just like the rest of us. We have more in common with them than we realize.
I wish my 21 year old son who is a music major could have been there. He is studying to be a classical concert pianist, but has also studied music theory extensively, inclding mideastern, and I know he would have enjoyed talking with Cameron.
I am grateful for your presentation, because I now know that the people I saw in your pictures are my friends and not my enemies.
Vernon Snyder


Cameron & Kristina,
The gifts of heaven are on you. The art of reaching out and giving your message is a vital part of everyone on this Earth. Every time we open our mouths we have the opportunity to allow God to speak. Every whisper, every shout, has a message. Yet every word not spoken out because of fear are messages too.
Cameron, I really miss seeing your smile as you visited us at Unity in Fayetteville, AR. Your voice carries much love and I am thankful for meeting you.
Kristina, Your beauty is on the inside as well as the out. I remember your laughter and joy and was greatly touched by your ability to sing songs with such feelings that seem to touch so many lives.
It was a blessing and honor to meet both of you and with one last word, Thank you for being you.
Unity Church member in Fayetteville, Arkansas


Dear Cameron and Kristina,
Hello ( I am from Pakistan)
It's wonderful to see your website I am so happy to see your working for peace ..its wonderful ..and I appreciate what you both did's great work....
My name is Mohamamd Iqbal Behleem and i am working for music for peace
hope to talk to you soon ...I am also intrested in the music for peace in a very serious way
May Allah bless you both and all of us...
take care ..
Mohammad Iqbal Behleem


Cameron and Kristina! Many blessings to you for this fabulous work you are doing! I want to thank you for your fascinating and insightful presentation, and the lovely music you played. I was grateful to have the CD, since I fell in love with your voice, Kristina, and the hypnotic strings.
Kathy Kali


Hope your tour is going well. I've been listening to you Cd and I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it. I like it better than anything I've heard for a long time. Your genuineness comes through, and your love of the music. No phoney baloney! Very nice.
Best, Denise & Wayne


Dear Friends,
O how you blessed us. I cherish the memory. May all your journeys go well. May people get it! And, if you are ever back this way.... the door is open.
Grace and peace,
Johnny Mingus -- Minister
Pilgrim Congregational Church
Chattanooga, Tennesee


Hi Cameron and Kristina,
Thank you so much for your wonderful voices and mission. I hope you can come back to The Farm some day in the not too distant future. Bless you in your travels and what you are teaching across the country leading to understanding and peace and such beautiful music. love,Eliz
The Farm
Summertown, Tennesee


I have been listening to the music since I bought your CD on Friday and I wanted to tell you that my children (ages 15 months and 2) love it. My daughter, 2, says, "I want to hear the Bulba song," because that is what it sounds like to her. Thanks, Rebekah


Review by Weld County Public Libraries:
Cameron and Kristina,
Thank you both for the excellent presentations you gave at our two library branches. You both are such wonderful musicians and really brought a touch of the Middle Eastern culture to us. It made us realize that they are people just like us and gave us a clearer understanding of that region of the world.
We hope you will continue with your work to bring understanding to both sides. I believe it is your mussion to show that all mankind is in this together and you gently brought that message to all of us.
Thank you once again for two wonderful programs. those who attended were very impressed.
Pat Libera
Chair, Adult Programming Committee
Weld Library District


Dear Cameron and Kristina,
We LOVED you guys!! And I have been telling lots of people about you. My brother told a friend who was feeling depressed about the world problems-- what you said about 99.9% of the world's population is loving, etc, and he said it made them immediately see things differently. In A Course In Miracles we would call this shift in perception a miracle. Thought you would enjoy hearing about this ripple effect from your work! Thanks again for coming to us. Love and an embrace from me, Harrel Lawrence in Avon, Co.
Oh, and I am smoothing your eyebrows from afar too!! That was so funny!
I truly loved meeting Cameron and Kristina on Friday and learning of their adventures. Talk about people who have faith and trust and have their hearts wide open.
Peter Farwell, U.S. Marines


My wife Batyah and I enjoyed your music very much and purchased your CD Baghdad and Beyond at the event. I recently found your CDs and booklet on maqams at and I am enjoying them very much. I see now that I could have obtained them direct you at but I didn't know that at the time of ordering. Your booklet is very good, I like the way you have classified the maqams and listed the scales for each.
Yehoram Weiler


Thank you for a splendid concert and slide show at UU Sunday morning........transported me back to our 8 years in Iran, Libya and Saudi. Aren't we the lucky ones to have experienced these cultures !! Enshalla, all best wishes in your projects,
pat parker freeburg


Dear Cameron and Kristina,
I attended your concert last night at Lord of the Mountains church in Dillon. Thank you so much for an incredible experience and sharing with us your wonderful talent!! I purchased 2 of your CD's which I have listened to and love and one of the beautiful scarves....thank you!
Thank you again! And PLEASE come and perform here again!!!
Bonnie Norling Wakeman


Thank you both for sharing your music and your experiences with the folks at First Presbyterian Church Friday night as well as at the International dinner at Tenn. Tech. Univ. on Sat. night. We really enjoyed meeting you and seeing what miracles can be done if people just open their hearts. Travis Jarrell was right when she said how wonderful you all are!
God bless you on your journeys.
Marge Rios
Cookeville, TN


"I've seen Cameron and Kristina's magnificent show. I give it a 15 out of a possible 10. Being a musician myself and actively building bridges of understanding to my Developmentally Disabled people, their message really hit home with me. Knowing the power of music, hearing Cameron and Kristina's stories brought tears of joy to my eyes. They are really using music for what it needs to be used for.
Not only are they active and articulate musical ambassadors between America and the Middle East, in my mind they are National Heroes!! Tell everyone you know who may not have seen them that this is a must see!!!"

Cameron & Kristina,
There is a section of my mind that I've set aside to always send you emotional support, even when I'm asleep. I talk to my friends in the various drum circles I attend about what you are doing and we drum the heartbeat for you, sending you energy from that very special primal place. I believe in and support what you're doing beyond any words that I could possibly say. Having said that, I make sure you're not far enough up in my Ivory Tower to have a bad fall if you fell out... : -)
I was really inspired by the workshop I attended in Estes. I've been having some great times learning Spanish from the native speakers here in Denver. It's turned into one of my daily rituals. More often than not it absolutely blows people's minds that I'm learning Spanish this way.
To me the eyes tell it all. As they are teaching me my word for the day I get an incredible range of looks. It seems that so many of these folks are so absolutely beaten down by American attitudes toward them that the very idea that an American would honor both their culture and them enough to want to learn some Spanish from them totally blows their minds. They are flattered that I asked them, they are grateful to be able to do it, they are impressed that I'd try, and many of them send me Big Love with their eyes. It really is a beautiful thing. I have yet to have any of them tell me to "stop bothering them...". Not only that, I see some of them on a fairly regular basis and I slowly seem to be accumulating a whole new set of friends. I'm even actually learning Spanish!!!
Tony Davis


I want you to know about two wonderful people with a musical and personal message of peace.
Cameron and Kristina applied to provide our service and a follow-up workshop to our UU Fellowship in Klamath Falls; so I took the leap of faith to invite them here - and what a blessing they were to all who attended.
Cameron and Kristina have traveled extensively through the middle east, including Cairo, Amman, Baghdad, Morocco, and Syria, playing the Oud and tabla, and singing together with the people on the streets in Arabic, Turkish, Greek (not to mention Mexico, singing in Spanish and South America singing in the language of the Incas!).
They refer to themselves as missionaries in reverse, learning the local ways and returning with the universal message of peace. No one told them to go home! They gained access to Baghdad, nine days after the U.S. marines entered the city, with the only credentials they had, the oud and their beautiful voices, and the songs of the people.
Their experiences and listening have filled them with a message for all of us to learn better the ways of love and peace, dispelling fear.
Please invite them to come and be the program for a service and a workshop.
Love and Peace,
Mark London


Cameron and Kristina,
To my new friends -- I love very much!
I know your path is blessed with ease and with joyous discoveries!
I know all whom you meet come forth with open arms and hearts!
It is so because of who you each are!
You are easy to love!
Love, Sherry Cole


Hello from Cairo!
I also play the oud. I am really grateful for what you do. You are using the power of music to make people rethink about my culture and get rid of the stereo types. I feel that music ambassadors can do what any other polititian or peace activist can't do. And this is because of the power of music that acts like magic, opening peoples minds.
I really wish to meet you or share a presentation with you when I come to America next Christmas. Music might say what words cannot express. Looking forward to seeing you.
Omar Haggag


I'd just like to say that I think you're an incredible individual who actually made a difference in many Iraqi's lives by going out there and singing and performing with Arab citizens. It's especially brave during all this animosity. You're a true diplomat who put your life on the line to foster understanding and compassion between two similar, yet tense groups. You deserve a medal of honor more than any of these soldiers in Iraq.
Salaam alakhum and Happy Holidays,
Shan Ahmadi 


I spent most of the Morning crying and feeling so proud of what you have done and inspired....I'm so happy to see all this love meeting new hearts and old ones...


Cameron Powers knows the power of eyes seeing with calm clarity into the hearts and deeper intentions of others. He is a courageous and compassionate world traveler who sees beneath the surface of others and reaches out with music to connect with the shared joy of being human. --Tessalin Green
So true, Tessalin..I couldn't have put better words together to describe Cameron, or Kristina..they truly are "Love in action". -- Katie-Katerina Seas
It was really a pleasure to hear you last week. Cameron, all of you were terrific,  but you were really wonderful. I really enjoyed you musically..really tripping out..and dancing off in the corner I felt again like another instrument in the band...really really nice.  thank you!!!! -- Lindy King


A year or so ago, I attended your Musical Missions of Peace presentation at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Denver.  I was very moved by both your mission and your music. You, Kristina, and the other musicians provided me with one of the most enjoyable musical experiences I’ve had. -- Ruth Burnham
Cameron and Kristina! I am humbled by the peacemaking work you are doing. Your loving hearts and spectacular musicianship create home and loving family wherever you travel. You initiate evolutionary change inside the living spirit of humanity, helping us awaken from the dream of divisions and borders. We become One in the light of your being one. Thank you, thank you... -- T Green
You all are doing some amazing work, bringing the peoples of the world together! -- Shawn Collins
Your commentaries are rich, vivid and juicy! We Americans can learn much from the Middle Eastern culture..many blessings to you and Kristina and I'm reposting this! -- Katie-Katerina Seas
When you hear someone is flying to the Middle East we almost always think "military". My friend Cameron Powers is going there on a secular Peace Mission.Through the sharing of music and culture, carrying a message from those of us who are not war-mongers. -- Lynnie Zsidov-Steiner
Thank you both for your incredible deep & abiding spirtual love expressed throughout your journies, its beautiful and peaceful consequences for humanity, and for letting us ride along through your updates! 
My heart embraces you in love and gratitude, 
Linn Moffet
Blessings on your Musical Missions. Beautiful stories of your enlightened relationships. You are perfect ambassadors of Peace.
Much Love to You!! Let Music Make Your Spirit Fly !!
These stories are the best yet.
Please! Stay with this level of personal detail: the repeated mention of the close eye-contact and its significance--especially the 3 hour reading of Arabian Nights.
So many levels woven in.
Another exquisite book is on the way.
Onward musical warriors!
Pure inspiration!
Love, always, Zia
Thanks so much for sharing so openly and, yes, lovingly, the fullness of your being, your talent, and your experiences with us. It was wonderful!
Rev. Ben Meyers


Kristina and Cameron,
I want to thank you again for your efforts and your heart energy in sharing with our little group at church Sunday night. I hope you know it is worth the effort to inform, affect and heal even one soul. That is what you do! all over the world.
Peace and safe travels


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