Iraqi Refugee Student
in Amman, Jordan
Supported by
Musical Missions of Peace
Songs of Hope Program


"I speak English, Spanish, Greek and enough Arabic and Inca to get around, but Music is The Ultimate Language!" -- Cameron


Cameron and Kristina
Singing Iraqi Love Songs
for Peace in Baghdad


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Cameron and Kristina's:

Great Ecstatic Sound Bubble

Sounding and Singing!
--There is no right or wrong--
Moving and Rhythm!
--We co-create a song--
Climb Higher and Higher Up the Path of Ecstasy!

The Human Being is Made out of Music!
Cameron will use vocal music skills
acquired in Egypt and Greece
to help guide the Ecstatic Bubble
Kristina will call in her special
vocal gifts and angelic helpers
to help guide the Ecstatic Bubble

There is really nothing more healing
that we have ever experienced.

This is the ultimate, the best!

Sounding and Movement
Experience Way Beyond Words...

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