Iraqi Refugee Student
in Amman, Jordan
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Musical Missions of Peace
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"I speak English, Spanish, Greek and enough Arabic and Inca to get around, but Music is The Ultimate Language!" -- Cameron


Cameron and Kristina
Singing Iraqi Love Songs
for Peace in Baghdad


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Musical Missions of Peace: Reflecting on the Last Twelve Months

Reflections on this last year of Musical Missions of Peace activities conducted by Musical Ambassadors to the Arab World, Cameron and Kristina with help in San Diego by Musical Ambassador to Iraqi Kurdistan, Christine Stevens.

Visited Saida Zeinab, outside of Damascus, Syria, temporary home for millions of Iraqi refugees, for a few days singing in Arabic to bring the message that there are Americans who live and breathe and care for Iraqi people.

Performed Syrian music in Arabic in Lattakia on the Mediterranean coast of Syria for all-Arab audience and were "discovered" by cultural attache from the US embassy who invited us to return and sing in Arabic to represent the US at upcoming music festivals in Syria. This project now on hold.

Continued helping to support Iraqi refugee musicians in Syria teach traditional Iraqi music and culture to Iraqi refugee children. This project now on hold.

Performed Arabic music for Gaza-bound medical relief convoy from 30 countries as it passed down the Mediterranean coast of Syria. 5 million dollars worth of medical supplies and 150 ambulances were successfully delivered to Gaza by this convoy.

Performed Arabic music for all-Arab Palestinian audiences in Amman, Jordan to help them realize that there are Americans who remember them and hold their ancient culture dear to our hearts.

Performed Iraqi music in Arabic for 75 Iraqi refugees in San Diego, Southern California to help welcome them to the USA in an atmosphere of cultural inclusiveness valuing who they are as representatives of the ancient cradle of civilization.

Conducted participatory drum circles for the same Iraqi refugees in Southern California to initiate musical and movement activities designed to help relieve trauma of flight and displacement. This is a work in progress with more to come.

Met with one of the Iraqi refugee musicians whom we supported in Syria who made it to San Diego. We are working to raise funds to help him open a school for Iraqi music in the Detroit area here in the US.

Conducted more than 50 concerts, presentations and workshops designed to re-build bridges of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of indigenous middle eastern culture.

Presented the principles of perfect harmony, derived from centuries of indigenous middle eastern musical tradition, to the annual Unity Church Music Directors conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Our Musical Ambassador to Iran, Rowan Storm, has been producing Carpet Concerts in America and Europe about Persian music and culture.

Thanks to all of you who have helped us with booking these events and with keeping us financially afloat!


Cameron and Kristina of Musical Missions of Peace 
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