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Cameron Singing with Jordanian People on the Streets of Amman

Musical Missions

Burning with the Fire and Passions...
Cameron and Kristina:

Americans reaching out to the peoples of the world by learning to sing their songs with them.

At the heart of American democracy is the desire to love and include all of mankind in a society where freedom reigns.

The global community has been born into human consciousness.
We reach out through music and language.
We don’t expect all others to take on the burden of communicating only in the English language. Too much would be lost!
We learn the songs of world peoples in the languages of world peoples.
We thereby begin to learn the languages of world peoples.

We support the people on planet earth who deserve to be able to love one another without restrictions!

The great religions of the world all preach forgiveness and brotherhood. We don’t recognize those who highjack world religions for violent purposes. The millions of people on the streets of the cities of the world likewise despise power held by exclusive leaders. Our travels have proven to us that everyone wants freedom to grow and trade and learn in peace. Turn off the TV. Take our future into our own hands. Don’t be afraid. What you see on TV is only one hundredth of one percent of what’s out there. What’s out there is LOVE.

The power of Democracy will ultimately prevail and earth shall know peace.

We advocate music. Singing together in each others’ languages builds the connections for which we are all starving. Fear is the only enemy.

Cameron and Kristina just returned from Iraq, Jordan, the West Bank, Egypt and Syria where they sang Arabic language songs with many people. Their reception on the streets and in the homes and public places of Baghdad, Amman, Aqaba, Ramallah, Cairo, Damascus and Aleppo was overwhelmingly positive. Peace loving Americans are welcome anywhere in the world. Take the time and trouble to learn a little of another peoples’ song... another peoples’ language.

When you learn a New Language you gain a New Soul!