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Article written about Musical Missions by Pat Henry in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico -- Jan 5, 2005

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For me this time of year is one of spiritual renewal, as I look for sources of inspiration. I found it in a couple who are traveling the Middle East. In each place they stop they learn the special sounds of the local music and surprise the inhabitants by playing familiar pieces. Through their music they have built a chain of friendship bridging the cultures, making the unknown familiar, and putting individual faces on the names of countries. Cameron, with his oud (a Middle Eastern stringed instrument) and his amazing knowledge of languages, and Kristina, whose beautiful voice takes on the cadences and nuance of strange exotic vocals, stop crowds on the street as they begin a well-loved local song in Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, or Turkey. They bring back their photos and songs to North America to open our eyes and ears and complete the bridge. Check out their Musical Missions for a schedule, information, and ways you can join their effort.