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"I speak English, Spanish, Greek and enough Arabic and Inca to get around, but Music is The Ultimate Language!" -- Cameron


Cameron and Kristina
Singing Iraqi Love Songs
for Peace in Baghdad


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Kristina Sophia -- Biography

Singing has been a constant in my life from the time I was very small. My mother said “I never had to worry about where you were. I could always hear you singing!”
When I had trouble falling asleep as a child I would pull the covers over my head so as to not wake anyone and sing. I loved to put on shows and sing and dance for my family and friends. As a teenager I sang everyday in the locker room at school and often went to the beach at night where I could sing at the top of my lungs. I had quite a mystical experience at that beach one night as I felt my voice resonate with the whole earth. Everything around me was vibrating. It was a powerful and transcendental moment in my life.

I didn’t receive much formal education in music until later in life, but from early on I seemed to be able to tap into unseen guidance that helped me develop my voice. I was led to combine yoga-like and dance movements with toning and singing and through this practice was able to reach a place of deep connection to spiritual realms.
I began leading vocal workshops and found that I was able to help others reach these places with their voices too. In 1995 I began to study drumming and have found this to be an incredible tool for unlocking the doorway to ecstatic and mystical musical experiences.

In 2000, after years of college classes, teaching, and being a single parent. I met Cameron Powers and was introduced to the world of Arabic Music. We set out to use our talents to try and build much-needed bridges between the American and the Arabic peoples. In 2003 we entered Baghdad, nine days after the US Military, and played music with Iraqi people on the streets. We were very warmly received. Cameron and I have performed in Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico and all over the U.S. One of our performance highlights was singing for an audience of 60,000 Egyptians in the Cairo Stadium. We still travel to the Arab world and now work to support music programs for Iraqi Refugee children and women and for Musical Ambassadors who travel the world building bridges of peace and friendship. For more information on this go to

Besides still performing as a duo with Cameron, I sing with the Inner Nationals,, perform meditative sound healing concerts, give private sound healing sessions and voice lessons, conduct vocal workshops and sound circles and facilitate women’s musical gatherings. I feel very blessed to be able to help bring the gift of music to the world.

Short Biography:
Kristina Sophia is a world-traveler, pioneering co-creator  of Musical Missions of Peace, and co-star of Singing in Baghdad. She has sung in the Cairo stadium for an audience of 60,000 Egyptians and performed in the war-zones of Iraq with partner Cameron Powers.  She has taught singing, healing sound and voice therapy for 15 years and has 2 critically acclaimed CDs.

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