Young Musical Souls and Ancient Musical Wisdom:
Hosting Musically-Inclined Students Here in the USA!
Musical Missions of Peace Musical Hosts Offer Homes to Young Foreign Students

Meerim Zhanybek Kyzy is not the first exchange student Meg York has hosted here in the USA...

While Meerim takes advantage of Meg's hospitality and participates in her adventures in US education, she also shares the musical traditions of her home country, Kyrgizistan!


Meerim with Musical Missions of Peace Vice President Meg York
and Musical Ambassador Cameron Powers

Video Link: Meerim Plays Kirghiz Music

While Meerim expands Meg York's family for a school year and enjoys the adventure of US education, she also shares the musical traditions of her home country, Kyrgyzstan! She brought two traditional stringed instruments called "Komuz" from her home town, one made of apricot wood and held together with home-made dowels, and another, newer one, made of pine. The sounds of the Silk Road three string fretless lute strum through the home during off moments -- the rhythmic thrumming of a thousand years of the steppes. It's intoxicating and soothing.

"I've hosted three times with World Heritage FLEX program, and each time has been a saturated experience. These girls are mature and viable -- the household skills they have are not a sign of being held down, but more of personal pride. Bula, our first exchange daughter from Kyrgyzstan, is an amazing cook, and loves to sing. She sang all the time and even joined the choir at the local Green Mountain High School. Her knowledge of US History and government was astonishing. And she plays chess well. That being said, we also enjoyed Garage Sale-ing with Bula -- and watching movies." Says Meg.

She adds, "Our second exchange daughter, a young Russian friend, Svetlana, was a bit more interested in shopping in fancy malls. "

She continues: "And now with Meerim, we have the joy again of a young person so comfortable with herself, her family skills and sense of gratitude that she has been a balm for our household. Imagine being 15 and traveling completely around the globe to learn to speak your third or fourth language better. Just amazing. The culture of these kids is so open and warm, that they just slip directly into your heart." Says Meg York repeat host Mom.

These High School students are part of the Future Leaders Exchange, or FLEX program. It is a scholarship program funded by the US State Department to bring former USSR youth to America, to learn from us and return as entrepreneurs. However, the love of music, passion for family, and amazing education these kids have received at home makes them an incredible learning exchange for us as well.

Musical Missions of Peace can sometimes help align potential students with potential hosts.
Please inquire if you are interested.

Contact: Meg York, Vice President of Musical Missions of Peace

Won't you consider hosting one of these amazing FLEX students for a month, a semester, or a school year? If we can't go to Islamic countries ourselves, we can still build bridges by opening our homes and hearts.