Ancient Musical Wisdom:
Musical Ambassador Brings Ancient Microtonal Music
of Mesopotamia, The Fertile Crescent and the Nile River Valley
back to the USA!

Musical Missions of Peace Ambassador to the Arab World has written teaching materials in the English language for musicians who wish to master the ancient "maqam" tonal systems.

Making a donation to Musical Missions of Peace of $32 or more entitles the donor to receive a copy of: Arabic Musical Scales: Basic Maqam Teachings with Two CD's

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This is a musical entry way into learning to master musical styles which date back to before the renaissance.

Learn Egyptian music, Syrian music, Iraqi music and other indigenous Middle Eastern styles.

Discover how these ancient modes can be "in tune" in ways that modern equally tempered Western music is not.

This pathway into musical education refines a musician's abilities to hear sensitive gradations of musical pitch no longer available in modern Western music!

Your Donation helps us support other Musical Ambassadors as well as our Iraqi Refugee Music Schools.

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If you have a musical friend or family member a copy of Arabic Musical Scales can be a great gift!