Iraqi Refugee Student
in Amman, Jordan
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Musical Missions of Peace
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"I speak English, Spanish, Greek and enough Arabic and Inca to get around, but Music is The Ultimate Language!" -- Cameron


Cameron and Kristina
Singing Iraqi Love Songs
for Peace in Baghdad


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Perfect Harmony
Ancient Wisdom
Modern Times


Cameron will Present and Discuss

Ancient Wisdom
of Peru
of Greece
of Egypt
Feeling Spiritually Whole
and At Rest
in Perfect Harmony

More than Thirty Adventures Living in
Remote Peruvian and Bolivian villages...
Athens, Crete, Peloponnesus, Rhodes...

Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus...

What secrets are contained
in Greek, Arabic, Quechua
languages and music?

Cameron has derived lessons of ancient wisdom from his musical adventures in Peru, Greece and Egypt. Because of his linguistic training and his fascination with musicianship he has found certain keys to forming deep soul connections with individuals in those cultures.

We Americans do have much to learn from these ancient ways. Cameron will attempt to share these spiritual messages which can help us lead more perfectly harmonious lives.

How did European and American music lose the foundation for perfect harmony?
What are the most fundamental Peruvian and Greek teachings about Fear and Hope without which we can spend whole lifetimes simply chasing our tails?
What are the deepest forms of communication and how can we learn to use them? Telepathy is real!
Why is the English language expression "looking someone in the eye" so common when we could be talking about "looking someone in the eyes?"

Cameron will be prepared to demonstrate various harmonies with the Egyptian oud, an instrument which was so popular 3600 years ago that its image adorned the faces of Aramaic coins!

He will also be able to demonstrate various forms of justly-intonated perfect harmony on a programmable keyboard so that we may begin the practice of deep listening, a prerequisite for introducing perfect harmony into our lives.


And of course:
the Great Ecstatic Sound Bubble!

Cameron has performed more than 300 concerts
and multi-media presentations during the last ten years
in more than half of the American states,
Egypt, Syria, Jordan,
Venezuela, Mexico,
and Iraq.

Cameron is the author of four books:
Lost Secrets of Perfect Harmony: Ancient Music of the Indigenous Middle East
Spiritual Traveler: Journeys Beyond Fear
Singing in Baghdad: a Musical Mission of Peace
Arabic Musical Scales: Basic Maqam Teachings

Cameron has also produced
and been featured on a variety
of music cd's including:
Dancing with Your Soul
Middle Eastern Moods: 4:01 am
Opium by Sherefe
Original Sherefe CD

To Learn More About Cameron's Recent Work:
Watch 3 minute introductory video!

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Winter 2011 and Spring of 2012:
West Coast
Music, Cultural Performances and Workshops

Ancient Music of Egypt, Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia...

Traditional Music of Turkey, Greece, Persia...

Healing the World Through Music
We Learn the Popular Love Songs and Languages
We Rebuild Bridges of Trust and Heal the Wounds of War!

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"...Perhaps you would not agree that they are heroes, because they don't kill people for peace...they befriend them...
For thousands of us who know what they're doing...they are the finest, most inspiring of heroes who are helping to protect us in a long lasting way.
It is difficult to measure the joy that is received by hundreds of people who no longer hate the United States, though they have been ravaged by our war - thanks to the efforts of 2 people..."

The Musical Keys that Opened Iraqi Hearts in Baghdad!
"Iraqi Love Songs Were Our Passport!"

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"...the most enthusiastically ever received at our Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura... You will be delighted, informed, and spiritually uplifted." Harold Cartlidge
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